DSC 1616/1832/1864 Quick Guide

DSC Keypad PK5501

Setting Time & Date On Standard Keypads

Setting Date & Time

Press [*][6] [Master Code] [1] [HH:MM] [MM:DD:YY] [#]


How To Bypass A Zone On Standard Keypads


System Must Be Disarmed

1- Press [*] [1]

2- Type in the two-digit zone number; ex: for zone 3, type in [03]

3- Press # a few times to exit (Ready green light should appear)


Changing Master Code On Standard Keypads

 Press [*][5] [Existing Master Code] [40] [New 4-Digit Master Code] [#]  


Changing Master Code On Touch Screen Keypads

1- Press "Options" on the home screen

2- Press "Access Code"

3- Enter Master Code

4- To Change Master Code, type in "40"

5- Enter new 4-digit master code

6- Press # to save & exit


Setting Time & Date on Touch Screen Keypads


1- Select User Functions, enter [Master Code]

2- Select Time & Date

3- Tap on the section you would like to change and use the up/down arrows to change time/date

4- Once done, press Save. 

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