About Us

About Us

Smart AV Inc brings over 15 years of experience developing intelligent space solutions.  We transform the listening, viewing, and feeling of a home into an unimaginably secure, modern and vibrant experience that brings passion to our clients. 

Our dream team at Smart AV Inc has allowed us to stretch the boundaries of possibility in all regards - the look, the materials, and the smarts in every project. Combining the best in new technologies, our team, a collaborative coalition is always ready to break out of the box to build a intelligent space like never seen before.

Smart AV Inc is a member partner of the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) and is committed to the high standard of education and training. Our team of Electrical/Computer engineers and programmers, audio-video experts, shading-experts and professional technicians endeavor to provide superior services to our clients.


  1. To bring a new lifestyle and luxury to residences and offices
  2. To make lives more convenient
  3. To improve safety and security of homes and businesses
  4. To save energy and take a step towards conserving the environment
  5. To provide service with integrity, honesty and professionalism; utilizing best possible products, services at reasonable budgets. 

Our Team

Reza Shalileh

Reza Shalileh, Smart AV Inc, Home Automation Expert

Reza with an Electrical Engineering Degree from the University of Toronto brings over twelve years of Home Automation Experience to Smart AV Inc.

Hamed Shalileh

Hamed Shalileh, Design Engineer

Hamed with a Building Science (Civil) Engineering Degree from the University of Toronto brings over six years of experience in both the Residential and Commercial Construction.

Hossein Shalileh


Hossein with a Computer Engineering Degree from SPCA University (School of Planning and Computer Applications) brings over 40 years of experience and leads the construction and operations teams at Smart AV Inc.